Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Water Fairy

This is almost entirely straight out of the camera. I just had to run an "auto color" and a tiny color balance adjustment to bring out the seaweed. Then a customary slight sharpen to compensate for dropping resolution. For those curious what it is, the entire shot is the reflection on the surface of the ocean just off the edge of a dock at sunset - my daughter's leaning over the edge. Taken in the bow shadow of this boat


A beautifully restored older Chris Craft.

Salty View

Bug light, South Portland, through the dirty, salt covered window of the ferry, Machigonne.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Summer Swim

Starting to get better at adjusting on the fly when capturing shots of kids.

Beacon(s) in the sky

Casco Bay Lines Ferry Dock with Seagulls in Sky
Gulls crowd the sky above the Casco Bay Lines Ferry Ramp

Street Weary Whale

state pier portland maine
This started as a shot of a fisherman walking by the whale - but it just didn't work out - too much going on - so I cropped it to the background.